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E17 - From building corporate brands to becoming a brand herself with Punita Parekh, Content Strategist & Influencer

September 14, 2021
Working in a high profile marketing job for 18 years
with brands like Time Network and CNBC,
Punita Parekh decided to quit, with no plans whatsoever.
Scary isn't it?
But she had enough, she was completely burnt-out.
And what she did is worth noticing and learning from.
She used linkedin as a platform to build a thriving consulting business.
In this episode, she shares the strategies, tips and learnings.
You will learn:
  • The 4C's of LinkedIn
  • How she overcame all the self-doubt
  • What was the first step after quitting her job
  • The importance of building personal branding
  • Why and how to optimize your LinkedIn profile
  • How you can put relevant content without spending too much of time
  • Benefits of giving
  • Power of collaboration
  • Steps to build your own tribe 
  • Time management as a solopreneur
  • Creating multiple income stream
  • Her next steps in growing her business
 She provides services in
  • Content Creation and Curation,
  • Website Content,
  • LinkedIn Personal Branding Content,
  • Social Media Content,
  • Blogs, Articles, and
  • Content Marketing. 
Punita's favourite sites for content generation: 
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